October 8th: Digital Humanities and New Media Mashup

October 8th, 5-7 PM
D-Lab Convening Room (Barrows 356)

The Townsend Center’s Digital Humanities Working Group and New Media Working Group will meet on October 8th to interrogate key assumptions, methodological approaches and philosophical orientations in both new media studies and the digital humanities.  We will look at a series of DH projects and think through them with a comparative mindset: in what ways does incorporating digital tools and platforms enhance and/or problematize the scholarship in question?

We will be looking at three projects, selected to represent a variety of DH and new media approaches:  a digital dissertation by Amanda Visconti called “Infinite Ulysses,” a project by the television and media scholar Jason Mittel using the Scalar platform, and the Massive Open Online Course platform edX.  Our hope is to provide a new inter- and multi-disciplinary terrain for scholars coming from both areas of study and to open a space for evaluation, critique and new perspectives.

Please browse the following before the 10/8 meeting:


The Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group (BDHWG) is a “low-stakes, no-prep” place for the DH community to gather on a regular basis to keep each other abreast of current trends and new methods, and and exchange ideas. Members include a diverse range of students, staff, and faculty. The group has bi-monthly discussions of recent digital humanities projects, workshops, and occasional speakers. In April, BDHWG hosts the DH Faire, an end-of-year project showcase.

(NMWG) is a gathering of scholars from departments across campus who share an interest in the material, social, political, aesthetic, and philosophical implications of digital media. Meetings are held every other week throughout the semester on topics ranging from art practice to coding to critical media studies. Anyone with an interest in new media is invited to attend.

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