First Meeting: Monday, September 15th @ 1 PM

The Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group will be meeting on Monday, September 15th from 1 -2 PM at the D-Lab’s Convening Room (356 Barrows). Everyone is welcome regardless of disciplinary or technical background.

Let’s discuss this semester’s agenda and make sure that we address the topics that are most relevant to you! For those who are new to digital humanities, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite DH projects and tools. In addition to our regular meetings, we’ll be organizing informal “hacking days” to develop technical skills and work on projects together.

Fall 2014 Meeting Topics:

  • Managing your online presence, Connecting to the DH community on Twitter (9/29)
  • MySQL and database design (10/13)
  • XML: text encoding and transformation (Nov.)
  • Data management (TBA)
  • Network analysis (TBA)

Events of interest:


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