9/15 Recap: Building a DH Syllabus and Hacking Days

Introducing the Working Group [slides]

We were happy to see a good mix of undergraduates, graduate students, visiting scholars, staff, and post-docs from a variety of backgrounds at the working group and weighing in our activities for the semester. We’ll be rolling up our sleeves to work with pedagogy and build our technical skills.

Digital Humanities Venn Diagram

Credit: Elijah Meeks, “What is DH?

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for digital humanities on campus. To stay updated on DH infrastructure developments on campus, be sure to visit DH @ Berkeley and follow @DHBerkeley at Twitter.

Project: A Collaborative DH Syllabus

Several participants noted that we often discuss DH in terms of projects and tools, but were curious about how to teach DH.  Should a Digital Humanities 101 course focus on method or theory?  What resources already exist for teaching DH?  Together, members of BDHWG will be working on gathering materials, creating modules, and discussing pedagogy for an introductory digital humanities course.

BDHWG Zotero Library

We’ll be using our Zotero group library to curate readings. The library is a public, open library, so anyone can join and contribute materials. If you contribute something, please remember to attach a note with your name and a brief explanation of why you added it. Currently, the library is organized into Method, Tools, and Theory. Once you join the group, you should be able to see the library in your Zotero client. (screenshot).

If you’re not familiar with Zotero, a free open-source citations manager, we highly suggest attending David Eifler’s D-lab workshop on September 24th. Additionally, we can get you set up with Zotero at hacking day.

9/29 – Teaching DH: Exploring the Current Literature on DH

To kick off the syllabus project, we would like to open with a discussion about digital pedagogy. We invite members to bring in some article, project, or tool that they would like to share with the group. We’ll send out a suggested list of readings early next week. Can’t wait until the 29th? Feel free to start a discussion on Twitter with the #bdhwg hashtag:

Hacking Days

In the past, BDHWG meetings has featured a mix of the theoretical and practical. This semester we’ll be holding regular (but informal!) ‘hacking days’ at the D-Lab, Mondays 1 – 2 PM. At these ‘peer office hours’ you can work on tutorials, troubleshoot tools, or BYOP (bring your own project).


9/22: BCE Installfest with Dav Clark

While working through Laura K. Nelson’s tutorial on topic modeling in R, a few of us encountered some compatibility problems with the ‘topcmodels’ package.  Dav Clark will be helping us get set up with the Berkeley Computing Environment (BCE). This will make it easier to kick up tutorials on Python and R and ensure that we are working with a similar set of tools at future workshops and hacking days.

Not sure where to start? Try these out:

Confirmed Events (Google Calendar):

  • Hacking Days (9/22, 10/6, 10/20, etc,)
  • Teaching DH: Exploring the Current Literature on DH (9/29)
  • Database Design + MySQL – Harrison Dekker (10/13)
  • XML and Its Uses – Scott Paul McGinnis (11/17)

Training at D-Lab

Additional Resources:

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