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  • Thank you to everyone who attended the DH at Berkeley launch event at the Magnes!

  • DH Grants for Spring 2015 have been announced.  Explore the descriptions of collaborative research, new course, and new course component grants awarded this semester here .

  • Two works of Berkeley scholarship have been nominated for the DH Awards . Voting is open to the public until February 28th .

  • Interested in building a project site in Drupal?  Work on training and get help at the new Drupal Working Group or get your foundations Rochelle Terman’s 3-part “Basics of Drupal” workshop at the D-Lab, starting March 4th . See the DH at Berkeley blog for more information .

BDHWG Meeting: Daniel Viragh, The Historical GIS Project | February 27 | 12 – 1 PM | D-Lab Convening Room, 356 Barrows

The Berkeley Digital Humanities Working Group is pleased to welcome Daniel Viragh, post-doctoral fellow at the Magnes Collection for Jewish Art and Life and alumnus of Cal’s History Department.  Daniel will be presenting The Historical GIS Project , an ongoing work with a team of undergraduate research apprentices to build a historical geo-database of Budapest in 1896.  Working from the bottom up, the team digitized data from an 1896 map of the city and a book-length listing of the city’s commercial, industrial, and government resources.  Daniel will provide a brief overview of the multi-stage process of cleaning and mapping the data.  He will also discuss the research questions he addresses by working with geospatial analysis.

Researchers interested in pursuing this work are strongly encouraged to attend the following workshops at the D-Lab as well:

  • 2/24: Starting a Historical GIS Project , Daniel Viragh

  • 3/9: Intro to Data Visualization in ArcGIS, Kelly Clonts

  • 3/9: Working with US Census Data, Kelly Clonts

  • 3/10: Georeferencing with ArcGIS, Susan Powell, GIS & Map Librarian

UC Berkeley affiliates can obtain a one-year license for ArcGIS (Windows only) from the Geospatial Innovation Facility .

Seminar: Cultural Data in the Age of Experience | February 27 | 3 – 5 PM | 107 South Hall

This presentation examines new paradigms for transforming digital cultural heritage archives into embodied experiences for cultural organizations. Using heterogeneous datasets representing intangible and tangible heritage, the research described integrated groundbreaking work in new museology through virtual environment design, interactivity, information visualization, visual analytics, and data mining.  The discussion comprises a series of seminal installations and permanent exhibits. Read more

Lecture : Mike Furlough, Executive Director of the HathiTrust, “HathiTrust, Collective Action, and Local Services” | February 26th | 9 AM | Doe Library 180

This talk is intended to provide an overview of HathiTrust and an opportunity to discuss how it can better support research and teaching at University of California, Berkeley. Since its founding in 2008 HathiTrust has aspired to build a sustainable program of collective stewardship for library collections in the United States and around the world. Mike Furlough will review the organization’s membership structure, services, and collections. The second half of the talk will highlight several major initiatives now underway, which are intended expand access to US federal documents, enable computational research across millions of digitized texts, and catalyze new collective action to manage the print record. Read more

Training Highlights


Geospatial Analysis:

  • 2/24 : Starting a Historical GIS Project

  • 3/9 : Georeferencing with QGIS

  • 3/9 : Working with US Census Data

  • 3/10 : Georeferencing with ArcGIS

  • 3/16 : Intro to Data Visualization in ArcGIS

Qualitative Methods:

  • 3/13 : From Coding Qualitative Data to Analyzing It

  • 3/19 : QMG Presents: Triangulating Across Qualitative Data Sources

  • 4/10 : Intro to Qualitative Data Analysis: Coding and Technology

  • 4/17 : Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.TI

  • 4/24 : From Coding Qualitative Data to Analyzing it


  • 2/27 : Exploratory Plotting and Data Analysis in R

  • 3/12 : Useful Stuff in R

  • 4/9 : R Graphics

Geospatial Innovation Facility

  • 2/23: Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Social Science Focus

  • 4/6: Intro to Open Source GIS: Working with QGIS

  • 4/20: Creating your own web maps

  • 5/20 – 5/22: Spatial Data Science Bootcamp (applications due 3/16)

Working Groups

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